Market your app

Now that your app is live, there are several things you can do to ensure its success. Most notably, be sure to keep your app compliant with the technical and security review processes listed above. All published apps must go through annual checkups conducted on the anniversary of publication to verify that they continue to meet Intuit’s technical and security requirements.

Advertising restrictions

Make sure any advertising for your app follows these guidelines.

  • All advertisements must clearly display your business name and/or the brand name as the primary element in the ad.
  • All ad titles must lead with your own business name or brand, or with an industry descriptor and cannot lead with Intuit Brands or brand elements. For example, the ads cannot use “QuickBooks,” “QB,” or “Intuit” as the primary element in the ad (e.g., cannot say “QuickBooks App” instead it must say “XYZ Company – Application for QuickBooks”).
  • Visible URL of ad cannot contain “QuickBooks,” “QB,” “Intuit,” or any other Intuit Brand or brand element before the root domain or within the root domain, or any terms that appear before the “.com”. For example, you cannot use “” or “” as your visible URL.
  • All URLs, including visible URLs in your ads, must comply with the following requirements:
    • No use of Intuit Brands on a stand-alone basis after the “.com” Example of prohibited use: “”
    • No use of Intuit Brands in front of descriptive or generic terms after the “.com” Example of prohibited use: “”
    • Use of Intuit brands as the “direct object” in the URL directory or path is OK Example of authorized use “”
  • You must negative match for the following keywords: “QuickBooks,” “QuickBooks Online,” “QB,” and “QBO.”

Promote your published app

Marketing by Intuit

Eligibility for other marketing activities or promotions is dependent on how much traction your app gets with QuickBooks customers. We look for apps that solve an important customer problem that have

  • Thousands of connections (joint customers)
  • Many five star reviews
  • High conversion rate of app card visitors to new connections
  • High retention rates
  • Low API error rates
  • High growth rates

Track your results

  • Track QuickBooks Online API connections in your connection reports.